3 Writing Tips To Make You A Pro

October 14, 2011

3 Writing Tips To Make You A Pro

Here are 3 tips to improving your writing. You’ll be a professional in no time!

1.) Plan first, then write — Whether it’s a paper for class or a document for work, plan what you’re going to say and then say it. If you take the time to write out your ideas, the writing will have unity. Unity brings attention to your message and you definitely want your message to be heard.

2.) Let things come out — Don’t get worried about the details as you’re writing. Let things happen and then go back over it. Too many times people worry over one single word when they haven’t even written a complete draft. How do you know which word you’ll eventually want until you’re done.

3.) It’s about quality not quantity — It’s not about how much you write, but HOW you write it. Think about saying the right things, not an amount of things. Tell the reader specifically what they want (and need) to hear. This will keep your message tight and to the point. When the reader understands, you win.

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