Breaking Denial’s Circuit

Oh Wall Street, the darling of our wallets and pursues. The train to somewhere better that we envision yet can’t quite see. The world of the mostly intangible with a little tangible sprinkled in.

Today’s hit to Wall Street was overwhelming. To see the circuit breaker tripped within the first minute of trading tells us what the markets and market makers think of yesterday’s news to cut the Fed Rates to 0%. It’s going to be a long climb out of the hole and it will take strong self-management skills to stay invested during the freefalls. In terms of the market, we all need to think about the entire picture of our lives, both financial and otherwise. When one thing is up, others are down and vice-versa. It’s like a constantly-moving game of cards where each of us must play the best possible hand we can in all moments. Right now, what we do know is that none of us are going to be spending as much on goods, services, and free time over the next month or two. We won’t have fuel pump worries since we won’t be going anywhere. We have to take a careful look at all of our pieces and decide what plays to make and when.

Everything was tipsy today. Originally, I was supposed to go to work (teachers only day — no students) and that was called off yesterday evening. I had a late-afternoon doctor’s appointment that was called off as well. I finished my taxes and took them to my accountant. Their secretary said it’s possible that returns might not be due until October (another consideration that goes into our “haves” pile.

My son traveled with me (he’s 17 — needs driver’s license hours). On the way home, we stopped (along with everyone else in our city) at the grocery to get some things in case we truly are shut in completely these next couple of weeks. First, I can tell you that normally Indiana drivers are pretty safe. They leave room and usually use turn signals. All the rules were forgotten as the fog of disbelief covered over their sense of good driving. Really scary (especially when your permitted son is driving!)

Inside the grocery, what has been on the news is fully true. I didn’t want toilet paper or paper towels, but there were none to be had. Bread was almost out. Crescent rolls were out. Potatoes were all gone (plenty of non-starchy, fresh green veggies though). We stood in the checkout line for about thirty minutes.

I guess what I’ve been realizing most this last 24 hours is how many people out there are in this sense of denial. Social media is full of those who think this is a sham, will be over soon, isn’t so serious. I guess that’s what happens when people realize they’re going to be cooped up for the next month or longer. Deny, deny, deny until military reality stops their car and tells them to return home. I wish it wasn’t so, but I think military checkpoints are where we’re headed.

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