Online Branding Strategy


Online Branding Strategy

James Pearce

 The Pitch:      Leader who believes people can enhance their work experiences through focus and awareness of the minute. I write new concepts connected within current life. I intend to lead by example with a broad brush that refines sharper edges at times and causes people to stop for an instant to think. My writing uses careful crafting to address the unknown within all of us, the things that we don’t even know are preventing us from reaching the ultimate level of success. My writing pushes the personal envelope beyond expectation, yet into reality. The cup of ideas is overflowing. Where and when will you being defining your impact?

What’s The Point:     I write to inspire others to think. I want people to discover my writing talents and use my words to improve themselves. I want others to know me because I am helpful and kind, not boastful and flamboyant. I want my online writing presence to represent my core values and talents.

What’s The Relationship With My Audience:      My blog is only just beginning. My initial audience includes family and friends on my current social media, but I am slowly expanding the audience to include people out in the world with whom I can share my ideas across cyberspace.

How Does My Audience Use Social Media:           I currently have two component audiences: a Facebook audience that uses social media to interact with friends both near and distant, and a LinkedIn audience that uses social media to follow business trends and updates. My audience tends to core around my current age of 42 since many of my friends on these services are within 5 years on either side of my own age. My audience tends to be conservative politically and educated. It balances nearly 50/50 male and female. I have a second segment of my audience that is past students I taught or coached with an age range of 20 to 33 years. My goal is to determine which segments of my current audience enjoy my posts and which posts catch their attention. I also want to discover factors within these audiences that will help me tailor future posts as my audience broadens beyond my current social networks.

What’s My One Thing:         Cup Overflowing

I believe that life contains opportunities that many times are beyond what we can envision in the moment. I know that if people embrace ideas with an open mind that new missions and challenges will move their way. I believe people simply need small nuggets of motivation to carry with them on their journey.

How Will I Be Human:         This is not too difficult. My brand is believing in yourself and using the positive motivation tools gained by using your own mind to determine and define upcoming opportunities. I like to write about what I think people should know, but in a form that they like. Being human is no different than simply being oneself.

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