What I’m Thinking About Today 10-12-17


This is the first installment of what will be regular posts (at least when I think of something and have time to write it down) of what I’ve been pondering, researching, thinking about, mulling, angered by, and so on.

Today’s thoughts are still centered around profiling and our efforts to find peace and harmony as a United States society. Institutions are white and they are constantly pressing their foot, hands, whatever is available down upon black people of our country. When black people stand up for their rights, they are told to sit down. So they do. They kneel and then people tell them to stand up.

It doesn’t help that our leader is always bashing people for standing up for their rights. Just saw this morning on the news that Donald Trump wants to start limiting certain media outlets. Umm…freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Where did that go? If you think it’s OK to clamp down on some media, then obviously you like being pulled around like an ox with a yoke on your neck. You must like that kind of punishment.

I’ve been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates lately. Just finished The Blood of Emmett Till by Timothy Tyson. I have to say that it was more than an incredible read. It’s the full history told in a way I haven’t heard it before. Here’s the link to purchase if you want: The Blood of Emmett Till.

By the way, when I have time, I want to create author pages of authors I really like and their books (with links of course). My interests vary across a wide spectrum so you’ll potentially find something you’ll like. If you made it here, welcome to my new writing blog. The writing I should have been doing all along hasn’t been happening. However, a recent series of events really has me motivated and ready. If you want to get updates when anything new appears, click the spot on my page and enter your email.

Read always, write always, because that’s how we always learn.


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